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A La Carte

Take control of your diet and build your own macro-perfect meals. Our most affordable option. Build 20 meals for as little as $119 a week.


How Trifecta A La Carte Works

We cook the food, you build the meals

Choose your own meats, veggies, and carbs. Assemble meals for half the price. Build 20 meals for as little as $119 a week.

Build Your Meals Now

A La Carte Bundles

Not sure which items to choose? Simplify your a la carte experience by opting for one of our most popular meal prep packages.

Our Budget Bundle is perfect for newbies, families, or anyone looking to save time and money on their weekly meal prep. We’ve curated the ultimate box of our customer favorites to get you started and provide you the best value - build 24 meals for as low as $5 a plate.

Our Meat Lovers Bundle is the easiest and tastiest way to hit your daily protein goals. Popular among seasoned meal-preppers, bodybuilders, and our Trifecta athletes, this box packs a heaping 24 servings of nothing but lean, nutrient-dense protein - no cooking required.

How it Works:

- Pick your bundle
- Portion out your food to build meals at just $5/meal
- Mix things up with seasonal veggies, sauces, and recipes

Trifecta A La Carte Bundle Budget Bundle

Budget Bundle

What's Inside

  • 2 lbs. Chicken
  • 2 lbs. Beef
  • 2 lbs. Turkey
  • 2 lbs. Brown Rice
  • 2 lbs. Sweet Potato
Delivered Fresh
Grass Fed Beef
Free Range Poultry
Organic Produce
Gluten Free
Meat Lovers Box Meat Lovers Bundle

Meat Lovers Bundle

What's Inside

  • 2 lbs. Chicken
  • 1 lb. Bison
  • 1 lb. Beef
  • 1 lb. Salmon
  • 1 lb. Steak
Delivered Fresh
Grass Fed Beef
Free Range Chicken
Grass Fed Bison
Gluten Free

Build macro-perfect meals with our perfectly portioned a la carte ingredients

Ready to eat proteins & veggies shipped fresh to you

Trifecta’s a la carte items are made with Organic Ingredients. Our meats and seafood are sustainably sourced and our vegetables are locally sourced when possible.

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See what our Trifecta athletes eat during their training & conditioning


Mike Rashid

Power bodybuilder, digital entrepreneur, author and CEO. Mike Rashid is a rare combination of businessman, social influencer and elite-level athlete.

View Mike’s A La Carte Order


Candice Carter

Candice Carter is a professional bodybuilding Figure Athlete with over ten years of experience, as well as a certified personal trainer and licensed aesthetician.

View Candice’s A La Carte Order


Sage Northcutt

Sage Northcutt is an American professional mixed martial artist currently signed with ONE Championship competing in the lightweight division.

View Sage’s A La Carte Order

Quality Meets Convenience

Organic Ingredients

Trifecta’s a la carte items are made with Organic Ingredients. Our meats and seafood are sustainably sourced and our vegetables are locally sourced when possible.

Sustainably Caught & Grass Fed Meats

All our seafood is caught in its natural environment by fisherman, and all our meat enjoys exclusively grass and forage with no grain finishing and has daily indoor-outdoor access to pasture.

Humanely Raised

This 5-step certification ensures all animals are raised with high quality nutrition in environments that encourage natural behavior, allowing the animals to be happy and playful, ensuring emotional well-being.

Gluten, Dairy, & Soy Free

All Trifecta our A La Carte items are all Gluten, Dairy and Soy free. We do this because they are the most common food allergens and sensitivities, and not using them allows us to provide healthier food to a larger percentage of the population.

Delivered Fresh

Trifecta’s delicious A La Carte items are made from fresh ingredients that are never frozen before or after cooking. The meals themselves arrive vacuum sealed and last for 10 days in the fridge.

Low Carbon Footprint

Trifecta utilizes a 3-step supply chain compared to the traditional 5 step supply chain used by retailers. Farmers > Trifecta >Consumers vs. Farmers > Co-packers > Distributors > Retailers > Consumers. This allows us to reduce our carbon and packaging footprint by as much as 40%.