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High Protein Breakfast for Weight Loss: Start Your Day Right

You may have heard it a time or two “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” This saying has been used time and time again to signify the importance of breakfast. But, why is breakfast the “most” important meal? And, does this mean that all breakfasts’ are treated equally? Is a sugary donut the correct way to start the day? We break down the best, healthy options for breakfast to start your day off right and trigger weight loss!

 Why Is a Healthy Breakfast Important?

Breakfast is an important meal of the day because it serves your body in such a critical way. In the most simple way of explaining it, breakfast is the first meal your body gets after an overnight fast, hence the term break-fast (1). Eating a nutrient dense meal early in the day has a variety of benefits. For one, breakfast allows your body to replenish it’s blood glucose levels, which is your body’s main source of energy (2).

Eating a nutrient dense meal first thing in the morning also changes how your body functions for the rest of the day. When you eat breakfast, you are sending a message to your body that you will have plenty of calories coming in throughout the day, whereas if you skip breakfast you are sending a message to your body to conserve calories (3).

Eating a healthy breakfast has also been linked to these long term benefits: 

  • Having a lower BMI (3)
  • Reduces risk of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes (4)
  • Increase long-term satiety, reduce hunger and lower subsequent voluntary food intake (5)

With all this being said, breakfast is clearly an important meal, but it is not simply “eating breakfast” that will make all the difference, the quality of food and breakdown of macronutrients is extremely important. Breakfasts that are high in protein and dense in nutrients are the way to go. Not only does a high protein, nutrient dense breakfast allow you to stay fuller, longer- it's also a great way to ensure you hit your daily intake of protein. Here are some great healthy breakfast ideas to start your day:

How to Make a Healthy Breakfast: 5 High-Protein Breakfast Recipes


1) Strawberry Watermelon Protein Shake

(Calories: 215, P: 27g F: 3g C: 21g) 

View the full recipe here. 


2) Egg White Veggie Frittata 

(Calories: 215 , P: 27g F: 4g C: 11g)

View the full recipe here. 


3) "Cheesy" Vegan Tofu Scramble 

(Calories: 235 , P: 24g F: 12g C: 13g) 

View the full recipe here. 


4) Protein Parfait

(Calories: 240, P: 36g F: 2g C: 18g) 

View the full recipe here. 


5) Salmon Toast

(Calories: 290, P: 23g F: 9g C: 28g)

View the full recipe here.

What To Do When You Don't Have Time To Cook

A common excuse for skipping breakfast or settling for a quick, sugar packed option is lack of time. Many people out of habit result to eating something they can get to quickly, especially in the morning. Unfortunately, many ‘quick’ options on the market are high-calorie, low protein, products that will serve you no benefit. If you are struggling to make healthy, nutritious breakfasts, utilize a meal delivery service such as Trifecta that can allow you to have quick healthy options on hand. Simplify the cooking process with ready to eat lean proteins, vegetables, and carbohydrates. 

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