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Diet Tools & Resources

Get the knowledge you need to diet effectively and reach your goals.


Dial in your exact macronutrients based on your body and goals.
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Calculate the macros you need to reach ketosis and stay there.

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Determine the calories you need for weight loss, gain or maintenance.
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Learn exactly how many carbohydrates you need each day.
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Determine how many net carbohydrates to eat in a day.
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Calculate the protein you need to reach your goals.
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Calculate the amount of protein you need for a keto specific diet.
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Stay strong and lose weight with proper hydration. 

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Set the right goals by understanding your body composition first.
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Meal Prep Toolkits

Start to finish shopping lists, recipes and instruction to weekly meal prep for weight loss.
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Get more out of your workouts, dial in your nutrition for fat loss, and get shredded. 
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Maximize muscle gain and dial in your nutrition to your personal fitness needs.
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Clean up your diet, improve your health, and lose weight with clean eating. 
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Lose weight and improve your health with a 100% plant based vegan diet. 
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Maximize fat loss and stick to your daily net carb goals without going hungry. 
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paleo meal prep
simplify sticking to a paleo diet and help you customize your weekly meal plan to your personal needs.
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Meal Plan Quiz

Don't know where to begin?

With a few quick questions we can match you with the ideal diet to satisfy your tastes and meet your goals. 

Workout Plans

12-week workout plan designed to help you maximize fat loss and calorie burn in the gym.
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12-week workout plan designed to help you maximize muscle gain and improve strength.
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Shopping Lists

Eat well and cut carbs with ease with this free comprehensive keto shopping list.
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50 high fiber foods to add to your grocery list, broken down by food category and serving size for ease of use. 
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Health Resources

A step by step guide to meal planning and carb counting for beginners.
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Keep track of your daily blood pressure and stay on top of your health.
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Control calories and enjoy a nutritious, low glycemic diet with this 1 week menu.
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